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The XOO Belt is a simple solution to an everyday problem: smartphone battery life. 1600mAh of power; designed into something we wear everyday; redesigned with the help of some clever new technology.



We wanted each piece we designed to be both classic and modern in inspiration. Statement pieces, yet ones that would fit into an every day wardrobe. To help us shape that to perfection, we collaborated with leading men’s tailor and brand Casely-Hayford, launching the XOO x Casely-Hayford collection on the catwalk at London Collection Men AW 2015.



  • 1600mAh

    When your phone is at 1% and there isn't an outlet to be seen, the XOO belt will give you almost a full charge, just when you need it most.

  • Power Status

    Always know where your reserves stand with the XOO power indicator array. Four lights to show you how much juice you have left.

  • Plug In

    With it’s built in iPhone & Android compatible charging cable, never worry about forgetting your charging cable again.


Batteries in a belt - is that safe?

Unlike a mobile phone, the XOO Belt does not have any radio transmitting or receiving equipment so there is almost no electro magnetic radiation (about as much as a novelty toy which beeps and flashes!). The belt buckle can get warm while charging, but that is just the battery doing electrical work (i.e. charging).

Can I take it through airport security?

Yes. Every effort has been made to conform with the safety parameters set out by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The XOO belt is also clearly labelled with its power rating, which is significantly below the CAA’s maximum.

How quickly will it charge my phone?

The belt can transfer its entire 1,600mAh charge in around 1.5 hours but the time taken to charge a phone — which depends on the size of your phone’s battery — will vary.

How do I charge the belt? How long does it take to charge?

It takes less than two hours to re-charge the XOO belt, and it comes with a microUSB port built into the side of the buckle; charging the same way as your mobile phone — plugged into the wall with a USB charger, or from your computer.

Does it work with both Apple and Android?

Yes. The cable we ship with the XOO belt works with both Android and Apple devices. For USB Type C devices, you will need to purchase a small microUSB to Type C adapter.

What are the belt sizes and how do they work?

We use a ratchet system for the belt to ensure the very best fit. The waist follows what trouser size you normally wear: Small   = 28–34 inch waist Medium = 32-38 inch waist Large   = 36-42 inch waist